Friday Afternoon Funnies: Beyonce’s Fans Don’t Lip Sync

Okay, so there’s been a shitload of news about Beyonce singing (or not singing) for US President Barack Obama’s inauguration this week. Frankly, I didn’t care enough to type out a sentence about it (present post excluded), so if you somehow missed it, you won’t get the details here.

People have been analyzing the video like it’s the Zapruder film surrounding the JFK assassination. The military folks at the event claim she didn’t sing. There’s been unofficial statements from the White House. Why has Beyonce been silent on the matter? Does it even matter?

But you don’t come here for my Beyonce lip syncing analysis – you come here for some laughs. Now, admittedly we used this footage over a year ago, but since it’s topical and so god damn funny, it’d be a crime to not post it again. Let us bring you a Beyonce concert, a huge fan, and a girl who is clearly not lip syncing, in this edition of our Friday Afternoon Funnies. Pretty sure it’s impossible not to laugh.

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