Listen! Noel Gallagher – Oh Lord (unreleased demo)

Noel Gallagher was shocked to find out that fans not only put his demos on YouTube, but some of them are completing them with guitars and other instruments. This sort of shook his system and inspired his solo album, and perhaps increased his security at soundchecks.

Another demo, apparently from 2010, has popped up online. The track has the title of Oh Lord, and continues Noel’s overuse of the word ‘Lord’ in his lyrics, especially considering he claims not to be religious.

For Oasis fans, you might think it sounds like Love Like a Bomb. It’s nothing crazily innovative, like a lot of Noel’s work, but it’s just good, like a lot of Noel’s work. Check it out before it gets taken down below.

Noel Gallagher – Oh Lord (unreleased demo)

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