Morning Music Notes – For The Arcade Fire and Religion Fan in You

Maybe the Rolling Stones Aren’t Playing Coachella?

Coachella and other festival rumours are pretty much the worst thing ever. People speculate about headliners, compiling a dream line up, creating fan posters, discussing it on Twitter and Internet message boards. Things eventually spread from ‘wild imagination’ to ‘insider sources’, through a ridiculous game of Internet broken telephone. It was apparently leaked through the new Rolling Stones app that they will be playing Coachella this year. Conveniently now, “insider sources” have said that the band will in fact not headline Coachella this April (via Rolling Stone). Personally, I think it’s some weak kind of red herring, but we’ll find out in the not too distant future, when the Earth crashes into the sun line up is announced.

Kim Dotcom’s New Download Site, Mega, Has 1 Million Users on Day 1

The U.S. government successfully raided Mega Upload founder Kim Dotcom’s New Zealand mansion a year ago and shut down file sharing website, Mega Upload, hoping to end entertainment piracy. AND IT WORKED! Mega Upload was done, but (obviously) file sharing continued on numerous other sites. Kim Dotcom has been hyping up his latest file sharing creation, Mega, and it was finally launched this weekend.

Was there a big demand for Mega? 1 million users tried to sign up on Day 1, with many claiming the site was crashing due to extreme demand (via Slash Gear). Kim also hosted a party at his mansion, which was described as “insane” and over the top. Mega hopes to avoid criminal charges by providing encryption to uploaded files, so they can turn a blind eye to piracy claims from the authorities. Ignorance is bliss.

Church for Sale! Arcade Fire Have Played There, and So Has This God Guy

I’m not religious, but I find it odd when churches are converted (not religiously) or put up for sale. They always strike me as buildings that remain until the end of days. Arcade Fire recorded their last two albums – The Suburbs and Neon Bible – in a church, and now this church is for sale (via Pitchfork). “A real fixer up with great potential, and panoramic views – OF HEAVEN”.

The building is in Farnham, Quebec and it’ll cost you $325,000, which doesn’t seem unreasonable. As per the listing, “Charming church which housed a small concert hall, followed by a recording studio also offering accommodation. Its architecture makes it a perfect location for an artist’s studio, a place of worship, a cultural, community or other organization.” So basically, anything goes!

Watch! Crystal Castles – Sad Eyes

Crystal Castles - Sad Eyes - via YouTube screen cap

Sad Eyes are what my dog gives me when I’m eating, well, anything. It’s also the track that Crystal Castles has decided to make a new video for. The high tempo, goth rock synth track features VHS-styled footage that will make any younger generation wonder how the heck we managed to deal with this video quality in the 80s and 90s. The track is lifted from (III), which is out now.

Crystal Castles – Sad Eyes

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