Introducing a New Segment on PeteHatesMusic – Weekend Catch Up

This is the first post in a brand new segment on PeteHatesMusic. It’s called Weekend Catch Up, as we were clearly hungover and uninspired when trying to think up a name. If you can’t tell by the brilliant name, the segment will a) run on the weekend and b) involve some kind of catch up. There in lies the brilliance behind the name – what are we catching up on?

Simply put – there is a LOT of music out there. Too much for any human or robot to consume all of it. I should know – I’m part robot (or maybe those are just my awesome dance moves). Sometimes we’ll ignore our email inbox and hear a great song when playing catch up, other times we’ll hear a cool song on another blog (note: there are no other blogs – please stay here), or we might even hear a song we like on this weird object in our cars called ‘the radio’.

We feel the world (well, our 5 readers) should hear these awesome tracks. Since the Internet moves so bloody fast, people (especially bloggers) fall victim to the ‘First!’ mentality, and have to be amongst the first to present a hot new song or band. To some, each delayed hour represents a huge drop in coolness. Posting a day late? You might as well be dead.

But a good song is a GOOD song, no matter when you discover it. I’ve been at festivals and walked up to a stage with a band I didn’t know, and been blown away by songs from a band’s 3rd, 4th, 5th, Xth album. There’s no shame in that. With that in mind, we’re going to bring you our shame on a weekly basis, starting today, starting right now. Introducing – Weekend Catch Up.

Goldroom - Fifteen

Kicking off this new segment is Goldroom. The Los Angeles band has a synth dream pop track called Fifteen (which is NOT my date’s age, officer). A nice summer tune for you, right in the heart of the Canadian winter (unless you’re enjoying this heatwave in Toronto today). Check out Goldroom below.

Goldroom – Fifteen

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