Don’t Mind Me, Just Playing My Record Made of Ice

A lot of people have tried experimenting with what a vinyl record can do. Jack White has been excellent for this, creating a playable version of the vinyl sleeve, as well as putting a liquid in the centre of the record itself, and using hot air balloons to distribute these records. .

Now we have something cool to show you – a record made of ice. Yes, I realize my ‘cool’ pun was 0% original. The band is an indie act from Swedish called Shout Out Louds, and they are hoping this circular block of ice will get them noticed. They have an extremely limited edition of their new single, Blue Ice – just 10 copies, and all made of ice in a do-it-yourself styled kit (via Technabob).

ice_record (Credit: Co.Design)

For those nerds who like explanations, the ice record was made from a silicone mold. You need to put distilled water into the mold (no bubbles or other stuff getting in the way), and then freeze the mold.

If you’re worried about the record melting and destroying your record player, which is a very valid concern, the band offers to repair or replace your record player. I’d read the small print just to be certain – it’s printed on the liquid mercury that comes with the kit.

Shout Out Louds Record Made of Ice

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