Morning Music Notes – Coke or Pepsi? For $50 Million, I’d Pick Pepsi, too

Eminem to Headline Reading and Leeds in 2013

We have our first headliner for the annual August bank holiday twin English festivals, Reading and Leeds. The act is Nickelback! Eminem (via NME). Eminem recently announced on a baseball hat, as you do, that he will be dropping an album in 2013.

Also on the Reading/Leeds bill are Alt-J, Deftones, and Sub Focus, with literally dozens more to be announced when things get closer to the time. Next year will feature three new stages, and equally disgusting hot dogs.

Pepsi Likes Beyonce to the Tune of $50 Million

Beyonce is everywhere, and will continue to be showing up everywhere with her new deal with Pepsi. Let’s hope she fares better than Michael Jackson did with his Pepsi commercial. Beyonce will star in a new Pepsi commercial, and start appearing on Pepsi cans, which probably isn’t as flattering as it seems (via Hollywood Reporter).

The deal also aligns with the fact that Beyonce is playing the Super Bowl halftime show, which Pepsi is sponsoring. So instead of a cool beer, reach for a Pepsi at halftime. Or something like that. The deal is valued at a whopping $50 million, which is a combination of ad money and promotional material.

Bank Error in Your Favour, Collect 5 iPads

A lot of companies make big fuck ups on a daily basis. As a customer, I think that 99.9% of them are against you. But recently, Best Buy accidentally fucked up in favour of the customer, and let the customer be the benefactor once the mistake was found. A girl named Alexa (sounds fake already) contacted the Consumerist when her boyfriend’s mom ordered an iPad and was sent FIVE iPad by mistake (via Crave). The closest I’ve come to such luck lately is when the convenience store clerk said I could take not one but two pennies from her penny cup for my purchase.

The Consumerist got in touch with Best Buy, and Best Buy said – keep them! In a letter sent back to the Consumerist, they said “We here at Best Buy acknowledge that we obviously made a mistake, but in the spirit of the holidays, we encourage you to keep the additional iPads and give them to people in need — friends, family, a local school or charity.”

Mistake or shrewd marketing ploy? Everyone – try ordering from Best Buy to see if you too can get sent accidental free iPads!

Watch! How to Dress Well – & It Was U

I typically don’t like songs out of principle if they have shortened text message styled spellings, but I’ll give this one a pass. The video is made in conjunction with Urban Outfitters, just because. It’s for a How to Dress Well track, & It Was U.

The track is from their recent album, Total Loss, which is what this morning has been so far. The video has segways, religious cults, and pretty much everything that I wish my weekends had. Check it out below.

How to Dress Well – & It Was U

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