Watch! M.I.A. – atTENTion

A flurry of new music coming your way this Wednesday afternoon (or morning, or Thursday, depending where you live – time zones are one fucking confusing concept). We kick things off with M.I.A., who self-leaked her own song, according to the YouTube description.

The Super Bowl bird flippin’ Maya supposedly “leaked the song cos a group of worldtowners (such as @The_Chutzpah, @The_Perplex @normacriley etc) spammed all day asking her to leak something AND since she’s a great and generous person and very close to her fan – she emailed the song to @The_Perplex.”

M.I.A. atTENTion - via YouTube screen cap

The song, atTENTion, is full of robotic sounds, and a lot going on in the background of the beat, including some chants, loops, blips, and all sorts of hard to pin down layers. It’s unclear where this track will land, but a betting man (like me) would bet on it being on her delayed and forthcoming album, Matangi. Who knew M.I.A. liked ‘tents’ so much?

M.I.A. – atTENTion

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