PeteHatesMusic Voted Best Music Blog in Canadian Blog Awards – Let Us Give You Prizes in Return

As you might have read on this site or various social media announcements and seen on airplane banners flying worldwide, PeteHatesMusic has been named the Best Music Blog in the Canadian Blog Awards. This calls for a celebration, bitches!

Since I’ve had about dozen beers, I’m done my celebrations and it’s time for our readers and voters (hint: you) to get in on the fun. We have a bunch of awesome CDs for you to win! We have two copies of the new album from Stars – The North, as well as two copies of The Weeknd – Trilogy, and two copies of Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon. We also have one very special prize of the 20th Anniversary Edition of Rage Against The Machine’s self-titled debut album. One of these surely would compliment your CD collection OR make a great holiday gift to me.

No one likes rules (except for those lawyer-type people), but there are a few critical ones for this contest. Most importantly, you must be a resident of either Canada or the United States of America to win albums from either Stars, The Weeknd, or Two Door Cinema Club. To win the Rage Against the Machine album, you must be a resident of Canada only. There is long, complicated (legal) reasoning behind all of this, so just trust me on this.

Other rules – there’s no purchase necessary (so please stop mailing me money), and we won’t share your information with anyone. You must enter via Twitter (explained below), there’s only one entry per person – anyone found with multiple Twitter entries is a loser (in both life and the contest). Please – do not retweet the heck out of this thing, either – like bedside beers, one is enough. Just follow us on Twitter, do the tweet we ask you to do, and one of these fantastic albums could be yours. The contest ends on Friday, December 14 at 12:00pm PST / 3:00pm EST.

How to enter – Twitter

Step 1 – Follow @PeteHatesMusic on Twitter. If you already follow us, you’re awesome (or you’re related to us).
Step 2 – Tweet one of the four phrases below this line with the name of the artist’s album that you want to win:

PHM won Best Music Blog in Canada! And I want the STARS album. Follow @PeteHatesMusic and tweet to enter

PHM won Best Music Blog in Canada! And I want the TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB album. Follow @PeteHatesMusic and tweet to enter

PHM won Best Music Blog in Canada! And I want the WEEKND album. Follow @PeteHatesMusic and tweet to enter

PHM won Best Music Blog in Canada! And I want the RAGE album. Follow @PeteHatesMusic and tweet to enter

Following us on Twitter does not enter you into the contest – you must tweet one of the above phrases in addition to following us. You must also not have a locked/private Twitter account because then we can’t see you retweet us! AND YOU MUST LIVE IN CANADA TO WIN THE RAGE CD (or Canada/USA for the Weeknd, Stars, or Two Door Cinema Club)!

Simple, right? Okay, not really. Anyway, if you win, @PeteHatesMusic will send you a direct message on Twitter to gather your address information, and we’ll ship you a free copy of the album. Until then, follow us for “AWARD WINNING!” music news, music videos, and possibly awesome cat videos.

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