Morning Music Notes – I Didn’t Want to See Les Identiks Anyway

Arcade Fire Play New Music At Secret Show, No Phones Allowed!

I was busy watching Skyfall (8/10) and didn’t get around to posting this yesterday. The critical Canadian darlings that are Arcade Fire played a random, surprise show in Montreal Sunday night at Breakglass Studio (via Consequence of Sound).

The band played under the name Les Identiks and previewed a whack of new songs. @Arcadefiretube tweeted frantically after the show, noting things such as “New songs generally described as fun, dance-y and groovy” and “Haha! One guy’s phone got thrown against a wall for trying to take a photo last night.” That’s some harsh security, man! The new album is expected at the end of 2013.

You Can Go Your Own Way….to a Fleetwood Mac Reunion Show

2013 will be the year of Fleetwood Mac, according to singer Stevie Nicks. They clearly didn’t read that Arcade Fire have an album out next year. Fleetwood Mac toured back in 2010 and are playing shows across North America, Europe, and Australia in 2013 (via Guardian). The band don’t have any new albums, but have recently recorded two new songs. Unfortunately, fans will not want to hear this and want to sing along to all those classic tracks. On a related note, cue the Glastonbury headliner rumours.

The UK ISPs Block The Promo Bay

For those of you living in the lovely UK, you cannot access the equally lovely torrent site The Pirate Bay. As noted yesterday, the Pirate Bay has expanded their previously launched Promo Bay artist promotion site. Unfortunately, users in the UK have found they also don’t have access to this site (via Digital Trends). But is the blockage on purpose?

A website has actually been set up to petition the blocking of the Promo Bay. Seems a bit cheeky, doesn’t it? The sites aren’t directly affiliated however, as you cannot download files from the Promo Bay. However, they are associating with known felons, which if crime novels have taught me anything, is a big no no.

News Story in One Sentence: Chris Martin and Eric Clapton Added to Hurricane Sandy Benefit

Chris Martin and Eric Clapton have been added to the 12.12.12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert, which already features artists such as Paul McCartney, Kanye West, Roger Waters, Bruce Springsteen, the Who, Eddie Vedder, Dave Grohl, and many more (via Guardian). If only all news stories were one sentence! Okay, I can’t mail it in with one sentence. I need some snappy remark. How about: if you’re a musician trying to make it in the world, lock the doors of Madison Square Gardens and become a cover band for acts such as Paul McCartney, Kanye West, Roger Waters, Bruce Springsteen, the Who, Eddie Vedder, Dave Grohl, and many more.

Listen! Snoop Lion – Here Comes the King featuring Angela Hunte

The reincarnated Snoop Dogg is back as Snoop Lion, the reggae singer. Is the jig an act or is it for real? With heavy hitting producer Major Lazer behind it, it seems pretty real. Another track off of debut reggae album, Reincarnated, is here for you to listen to this morning. It’s called Here Comes the King, and features Angela Hunte. There’s lots of reggae-friendly words and phrases, like one love, religion, and revolution. But does it make for a good, original track? Find out below.

Snoop Lion Here Comes to King

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