Watch! Alt-J – Fitzpleasure

Is it just me, or are Alt-J great at timing the release of their videos? Or at least their Fitzpleasure videos. In the beginning of September, the band were confirmed as shortlist nominees for the Mercury Prize. Later that day, they released a video for Fitzpleasure.

Last week, the band won said award. This week, they have another new video for Fitzpleasure. The last video was a little dark and maybe wasn’t the official video – it’s hard to tell from the description on Vimeo, but it sounds pretty legit.

alt-J (-) - Fitzpleasure (Official Music Video) screen cap

This new video for the Mercury Prize winners is also dark, plus it’s filmed in black and white, which is scary, right? There’s also gangs, guns, a guy with a creepy eye / lack of a proper eye. Sounds like my kind of crowd. Check it out below.

Alt-J – Fitzpleasure

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