Listen! Muse – Follow Me

I really wanted to like the new Muse album. I liked the over the top Survival, even if I heard it 10 times a day during the Olympics. Outside of Madness, the 2 excellent experiment 2nd Law tracks at the end of the album, and new single, Follow Me, I was looking for something more cohesive and memorable. As much as I like the non-Matt Bellamy led tracks, I’d rather have him at the mic singing.

Muse - Follow Me (Lyric Video) screen cap

That being said, Muse have a new lyric video for upcoming single, Follow Me. The song sounds like it belongs on one of their past couple of albums, with a fuzzy, almost-electronic bass line and rhythms more in line with past work. Even though it’s a lyric video, it’s still kind of cool. Check it out and sing along to the words.

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