Keep Ex-Girlfriends and Thieves Away with a Pepper Spray iPhone Case

We’ve seen some pretty extreme iPhone cases. Ones that can survive falls from high up above, bulletproof iPhone cases (?!), and even one that doubles as a stun gun (which must be illegal, no?).

spraytect_firingcloseup_black (via Spraytect)

The latest in the line of over the top iPhone cases is the Spraytect, which is an iPhone 4/4S case that comes with a can of pepper spray (via Geekologie). I foresee a lot of people spraying themselves in the eye by mistake. Or strangers taking phones and blinding themselves.

For $39.95, you can grab the iPhone case in blue, black, white, or pink, and when coupled with that bulletproof iPhone case, you’re pretty much the toughest person on your street. Unless you live on my street. Yup, that was a throwdown. Check out a video of the product in action, and ask yourself WHO THE HELL FILMS A COMMERCIAL ON A CELL PHONE, IN PORTRAIT/VERTICAL SETTING?!

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