Dress as Deadmau5 for Halloween – If You’re Extremely Rich

Halloween is my favourite holiday of the year. You get to dress up in outrageous and hilarious outfits, while a lot of girls wear very little clothing, AND you get free candy – what’s not to like?! If you’re unattractive, you can wear a mask and charm over people at parties with your personalities. Yup, that’s how I imagine parties work – I’ve still never gotten an invite.

If you are looking for a mask to wear, how about a replica Deadmau5 mask? It lights up, can be programmed, and will only set you back $2750 USD (via Technabob). There’s no price on being cool, at least with the EDM crowd and people on drugs who are attracted to bright lights.

Deadmau5 helmet (screen capture)

The helmet was made by Etsy artist Jeffrey Nappi. The helmet has 168 RGB LED lights, and of course electroluminescent mouse-shaped ears. The patterns are controlled by San Devices E680 pixel controller and Madrix computer lighting control software. But you don’t care about that – you want to see it in action. Check out the mask and some Tetris pieces in a video below, and there’s also a Making Of video below for those who like super fast montages.

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