Kanye Wes Anderson – A Great Tumblr for a Friday

You’ve gotta love Tumblr mash ups. This is yet another great one featuring Mr. Kanye West. We previously featured Kanye’d By The Bell, which put Kanye lyrics up against screen shots from the awesome classic show, Saved by the Bell.

Similar idea here, but this combines Kanye lyrics with shots from Wes Anderson movies, in the Kanye Wes Anderson tumblr. But in a slight twist, the Tumblr also features Wes Anderson quotes against Kanye West pictures. Mind = blown.

Check out some of the better ones, and check out the Tumblr to waste away your afternoon.

The Royal Tenenbaums / No Church in the Wild
advil (via kanyewesanderson.tumblr.com)

The Darjeeling Limited / Gone
20 louis (via kanyewesanderson.tumblr.com)

Rushmore / Can’t Tell Me Nothing
am i late (via kanyewesanderson.tumblr.com)

The Royal Tenenbaums / Love Lockdown
vibe is wrong (via http://kanyewesanderson.tumblr.com/)

Fantastic Mr. Fox / Clique
clique (via kanyewesanderson.tumblr.com)

Fantastic Mr. Fox / Runaway
douche bags (via kanyewesanderson.tumblr.com)

The Life Aquatic / See Me Now
shoes (via kanyewesanderson.tumblr.com)

The Life Aquatic / Monster
devil (via kanyewesanderson.tumblr.com)

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