Listen! Adele – Skyfall

The new Adele-sung Bond theme song isn’t officially released until 0:07 (get it?!), but it’s been played on the radio and ripped for you to hear. You can tell it’s from the radio by the annoying DJ and sound clips letting you know it’s the radio and what station it is, about 4 times.

Adele - Skyfall

The name’s Adele. Um, I only go by Adele.

So how is the song? As weird as it may be, it sounds like a Bond song. Big and overproduced, yet slick and classy, all qualities that James Bond himself possesses. The song has an underlying Dream On feel to it. It’s good, and fans of Adele should like it, but it feel like it’s missing that something that pushes it to an instant classic. Maybe because Adele is a touch restrained? Anyway, check it out Skyfall the song for yourself, and count down the days until you can be blown away by Skyfall the movie in IMAX.

UPDATE: Official release is below.

Adele – Skyfall

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