Morning Music Notes – Justin Bieber’s Music Made Himself Sick

Jack White plays 50 minute set, angers fans

Jack White was playing at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on the weekend and a gigantic squid attacked! decided to end his set after 50 minutes (via Hollywood Reporter). He didn’t play an encore, which isn’t a huge deal, but unfortunately fans have come to expect what was historically supposed to be a bonus. However, fans paid up to $90 to see him, and 50 minutes is a pretty short set for a non-free, non-festival event. You’d get more bang for your buck with a hooker in Amsterdam (I was just there, so I know).

There was a report of someone in the front row being told off on several occasions for taking pictures with flash (so flashing him?). Way to ruin it for everyone!

Backstage scuffle between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy at BET Awards literally stops the show

Hip hoppers Rick Ross and Young Jeezy might be label mates at Def Jam, but that didn’t stop them coming to blows on Saturday night, with reports of guns possibly being drawn as the violence spilled out into the parking lot (via Hollywood Reporter). Violence and fighting in hip hop?! What is this crazy world coming to.

The exact details aren’t known, but Funkmaster Flex decided to tweet a short play by play, noting they were having words, then pushing and shoving, and then shots being fired in the parking lot. However, police deny any shots were fired, but we’ll stick with Funkmaster Flex’s much more interesting story.

Also interesting: Rick Ross perform two songs at the show, after the alleged chaos went down.

Justin Bieber pukes on stage, and we all thank technology for inventing digital camera

Lots of people have called Justin Bieber a little puke and now he is finally living up to his name. Alternative joke: Justin Bieber’s music is often vomit-inducing, and last night it finally took its told on young Bieber. Maybe we should just run a contest to get other suggestions because I find this a lot of fun for such a meaningless story that every major media outlet (and now, um, PHM) are reporting.

Last night in Glendale, Arizona, USA, Bieber was kicking off his world tour. After an hour of singing, dancing, and watching teenage girls soccer moms scream, Justin turned around and threw up mid-song (via Rolling Stone).

The most amazing party is that it was captured on video camera. Now you truly can’t do anything without it landing on YouTube. Bieber left the stage and returned to finish his set, later tweeting “milk was a bad choice.” Shares for milk plummeted worldwide and will likely never recover.

Man Goes to Jail After Sexting Entire Contact List

This story is one half amazingly funny, one half “holy shit, I feel bad for the guy”. A guy was trying to send his girlfriend a sexy text. A sext, as they are called according to the escorts that send them to me. The guy’s intentions were good, but he mistakenly sent it to his entire contact list (via Crave).

Sure, that would be embarrassing, but it gets worse. The guy from Birmingham, England is a swim instructor for young girls. This meant some 13 and 14 year old girls got his sext – yowzers. And now the man will spend 18 months in jail, as he was rule to “cause or incite a child into sexual activity .” Um, holy fuck!

Watch! Bat For Lashes – All Your Gold

You’ve heard the lovely new song from Bat For Lashes, now you can see what visual images she chose to set her music to in the video for All Your Gold. She opted for the “let’s dance on a beach” option, which is rarely a bad decision as far as women and music are concerned. Check it out below.

Bat For Lashes – All Your Gold

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