Watch! Half Moon Run – Call Me in the Afternoon

Canadian indie rockers, Half Moon Run, have a new video that will have us running to watch it, like you would when there’s a half moon (that’s what the band name means, right? Um, wrong). Terrible intro aside, the band have a fine album in Dark Eyes, which has the song Full Circle, which we featured previously.

The latest video offering is Call Me in the Afternoon, which is what I say to everyone at the bar after a heavy night of drinking. Mornings are strictly off limits. The video features a bunch of hands, slightly reminiscent of Thing from the Addams Family, although these hands are a little more musically in tune, moving to the groove. The real star of the video is the freaky forest – what is behind those trees?! Note to self: do not go into that forest – ever.

The song is a good one, with a lush arrangement, upbeat percussion, and great vocal harmonies, resulting in a pretty original sounding tune. Make your ears happy and check out Half Moon Run.

Half Moon Run – Call Me in the Afternoon

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