If You Want a Punch in the Face, Then This iPhone 5 Case is for You

I have an iPhone 4S. I pre-ordered it from Apple. I don’t recall when it came – I don’t think it was the day it was released. As you likely know, getting the newest iPhone the very minute it is available is of utmost importance, meaning people line up for days to secure their spot in line. Social life, job – those are just “inconveniences.” If you have the new iPhone 5, you might want to brag about it, right? Well then, do I have the iPhone case for you!

It will set you back $34.95, and is made by inspiremycase. It will simultaneously show off the fact you have the new iPhone 5 and either make you a target of thieves or people wanting to punch you in the face.

iphone 5 case (via inspiremycase)

The case can’t be used by “lesser” iPhones, since the new iPhone 5 has a bigger screen and not much else going for it. However, you can personalize your case and add other images as you see fit, assuming you don’t like punches in the face.

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