Morning Music Notes – 30 Years of :)

The Woman-Beater Sticker Appears Again, This Time on a John Lennon CD

I thought it was pretty awesome that stickers reading “Warning: do not buy this album this man beats women” appeared on Chris Brown CDs in some HMV stores in the UK. The latest victim of these stickers is the deceased Beatles singer, John Lennon (via Gigwise).

john lennon warning sticker

These stickers are related to claims of John Lennon slapping ex-wife Cynthia in 1957, as well as ’emotional abuse’ towards his wife and his son Julian. Well, the group wins, as Lennon won’t be beating any more woman, since he was shot to death in 1980.

Crystal Castles Announce New Album for November

Toronto’s Crystal Castles dropped a Plague on us recently, and have followed that up with a Facebook announcement of a new album coming in November (not September as previously thought). The detailed announcement read “new album = november”. If only I could mail in my blog posts like that.

Emoticons Turn 30 Years Old m|m

That emoticon is supposed to be me giving the middle finger, but it kind of looks like 2 bunnies separated by the Berlin Wall. Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of the creation of emoticons at Carnegie Mellon University (via Crave). Professor Scott Fahlman first wrote:

I propose that the following character sequence for joke markers:
Read it sideways. Actually, it is probably more economical to mark things that are NOT jokes, given current trends. For this, use

This idea caught on and is now way overused, but key ones remain in daily use, even professionally, and especially in rock n roll speak: m/

There are so many emoticons I’ve never seen or used, and have no clue what they mean by just looking at them. So why not have some girl in pink hair act out a bunch of them? Seriously though, how do you even type some of these? I don’t have a damn star on my keyboard (via Gizmodo). And yes, posting this video is a new low for PeteHatesMusic.

Listen! King Krule – Octopus

This is the second day in a row I’ve posted an artist that Rich might’ve featured this weekend – I’m making him work for his segments. We close out today we highly touted London teenage, King Krule. Rich showcased his skills with Rock Bottom before. Now we have the B-side to Rock Bottom – Octopus. The low key song has a jazzy rhythm to it, with a dream-like synth part fading in and out. Check it out below.

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