Why Throw Away Those Floppys Disks When You Could Make a Dorky Lampshade?

As vast quantities of old technologies slowly (or quickly, depending on the technology) go extinct, they waste away in our houses and in our landfills. We’ve seen people use old CDs for art installations, and even make cool looking floppy disk art. Now, we have someone who took their old 3.5″ floppy disks and has made a lampshade (via Technabob). This is practical, as geeks often hide out in dark basements, playing video games.

floppy disk lampshade

So much for playing Wolfenstein tonight

The lampshade was made by Technohippy on the Instructables website. He used 17 floppy disks, meaning he can’t play Leisure Suit Larry anymore. He also used 44 cable ties to make the lampshade. Note: you should probably use a kind of light that won’t melt the floppy disks – unless you like living dangerously. Pop over here to learn how to make it, and if you don’t know what a floppy disk is, excuse me while I repeatedly smash my dial-up modem against my head.

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