Man Uses Paid Facebook Ads To Look for his Cat – And It Worked!

James Woodley came home one day and released his cat, Zion was missing. After flyers and going door to door didn’t work (because they are so 20th century), Woodley took the search for Zion, to the next level – he used Facebook (via Digital Trends). It turns out Facebook is good for something other than showing off babies pictures and seeing how fat your ex-girlfriends have gotten.

Using the paid advertisement option in Facebook, Woodley set out to find Zion. Woodley made a Facebook page for the cat, and made it very detailed, noting the cat’s fur colour, eye and collar colour, and a picture of Zion, of course. Woodley then purchased 2 ads to target people in Chelmsford, England, where the cat was missing. The reach of the ad was estimated to hit about 60,000 people.

It took a mere 30 minutes for someone to contact James, noting they saw the cat a couple of days earlier. Um, thanks for nothing! Actually, the information helped, as the band of merry friends searched the nearby forest, and found Zion stuck in a ravine. HAPPY ENDING! This isn’t the only time social media has been used to find pets though, as a woman in Ireland used Twitter to find her missing dog. Only this didn’t cost her any money, so she wins, right?

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