Friday Afternoon Funnies – R. Kelly and Masturbation, Together At Last

Don’t let the headline put you off – there will be NO footage of R. Kelly masturbating. He likes 14 year girls I thought? I’ll admit, I don’t know anything about Jehovah’s Witnesses, except that they annoy people by going door to door trying to get you to join their religion. Since I don’t know anything about them, I don’t know why they made a public service announcement that is anti-masturbation. I also don’t know why this ad is for deaf people, hence it is being signed out. It seems like a very specific demographic to be targeting – deaf masturbaters.

What do you do in this day and age when you find an odd video ripe for the picking on the Internet? You make a mash up, of course. Someone put the audio of R. Kelly’s Ignition to the video of the anti-masturbation PSA for the deaf and made this hilarious video. The video is even great from the very first line, when the guy’s actions fit perfectly with R. Kelly saying “Now usually I don’t do this…” Check out the hilarity below (but not while masturbating).

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