iPhone + Polaroid Shell = A 21st Century Polaroid, the Instant Impossible Lab

The concept of Polaroid cameras were pretty cool – you take a picture and you can see it instantly. This has been overtaken by the instantness of digital photography, but you can’t hold a physical copy of the picture within seconds of taking it. When was the last time you actually developed any of your pictures? The Impossible Instant Lab in Germany is trying to change this (via Dvice).

Instant Impossible Lab (via Kickstart and Instant Impossible Lab)

The Kickstarter project uses an altered shell of a Polaroid camera in conjunction with an iPhone to give you that 21st century Polaroid camera you didn’t know you were missing. The camera isn’t as big as it looks in the picture, as the stacking blocks are collapsible, althought it’s still not pocket sized (like the imaginary devil on my shoulder).

Apparently the group bought one of the last Polaroid factories in the world as part of their planning for the project. The project has exceeded its funding goal of $250,000 and is expecting to go on sale for $299 in February 2013. Check out a video of the camera in action.

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