Listen to a Mixtape of the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique, with Original Samples

Paul’s Boutique was a landmark album not only for the Beastie Boys, but for samples in music in general. The album featured about 105 samples, including 24 on the 12-minute track, B-Boy Bouillabaisse. The album, with production from Dust Brothers, is often hailed as a masterpiece, and here’s some further listening that will help you appreciate it some more. Producers/DJs Cheeba, Moneyshot, and Food have spent 3 years of their time creating an hour long mixtape of all of the samples from their original source materials (via LA Times). It took me 3 years to realize I wasn’t getting my newspapers delivered but was still paying for a subscription.

The mix is a fascinating listen, and a nice test for your ears. The mix also features some interview clips with the band, so it’s not a straight up samples mixtape. Check out the album Caught in the Middle of a 3 Way Mix, and have your mind blown.

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