Morning Music Notes – This One Time, At Band Camp….

Weezer Wants to Start Their Own Summer Camp

There’s something about Weezer and the American Pie reference in the post headline that reminds us of better times. We were much younger, and both franchises were much better about 10+ years ago. The band are familiar with group music sessions, having launched both hootenannies and a cruise, and want another such event – a Weezer camp (via NME).

Singer Rivers Cuomo (who could only be a musician with a name like that) told Australia’s Herald Sun, “We’d like to put together some sort of Weezer camp, but we’re just beginning to talk about it, so I don’t have any details yet,” noting that it would be something like a typical American summer camp.

Another great excuse by a rock band to meet chicks.

Did Sweden Give Cambodia Cash for Pirate Bay Founder?

On Monday, we noted that the Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm was arrested in Cambodia. This was done by Cambodian officials at the request of the Swedish government. A Chinese paper is reporting that Sweden gave Cambodia a whopping $59 million incentive to do so (via Gizmodo). Apparently this includes an aid package that was worth the hefty sum. This is either a conveniently timed announcement, or a little kick back for helping them bring the Pirate Bay down.

Twitter Now Has Embedded Widgets

For those who care, Twitter now has embedded widgets. This means you can stick a stream of tweets, either from a specific user, list, or hashtag, straight on your website. Below is a list of tweets by @PeteHatesMusic (who you should be following), as well as ones about #fluffycats. The coolest thing (as a Canadian) for the example list on Twitter’s blog? The hashtag they chose was #NHL. 99% of those tweets probably originate in Canada.

Listen! Matt and Kim – Now

First we had Let’s Go, and now we have, er, Now. The duo of Matt and Kim have another new release from recent album, Lightning. The upbeat song, with Kim’s thumping drum line, has a pretty catchy chorus (can you watch this live and not chant ‘Now’ along with them?). Check out the lyric video below.

Matt and Kim – Now

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