QR Codes on Tombstones Will Let The Dead Tell You Their Story

QR codes are one of those things that seem cool and practical, but I’m too damn lazy to bother to get around to using. Do you know ANYONE that scans those things regularly? For those who don’t know, QR codes are like square bar codes that advertisers and such use, so when you scan them with a smartphone (which don’t have a native scanner as far as I know – you need to get an app), the QR code will take you to the programmed website. No more writing stuff down – that’s for suckers.

After a TED Talk dared someone to do this, a town in Wales places QR codes all over town, so that tourists could scan them and learn about all the buildings, in various languages, too. Very innovative and practical, but I still haven’t gotten a QR code app.

The latest idea? To place QR codes in cemeteries, so that when you scan them, they will take you to a website that tells you all about the person’s life, and shows you a photo of them (not in their current state). This is being done in a graveyard in Roskilde, Denmark (via Digital Trends). The QR codes are placed on a stone next to the individual headstones.

qr tombstone (via PeteHatesMusic.com)

Oh, you’re DEAD

The service is 100 Euros (so about $125 Cdn), and in addition to photos and text, can include audio and video snippets. “Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from similar beyond the grave video features, such as ‘Mod Flanders’ tombstone.'” Maybe I can get a clip of Stayin’ Alive or Live Forever to play, since it’s the song I want at my funeral after all.

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    […] have them take you to a website about the item you’re scanning. More outlandish uses include Graveyard Biographies, or information from an entire Welsh […]