The Decemberists to Appear on the Simpsons (Which is Still Apparently On TV)

One of the best things about seeing the Decemberists live is the hilarious stage banter from singer Colin Meloy. Maybe he can teach the writers of the Simpsons a thing or two, as Colin tweeted a picture of the band in class with Ms. Krabappel from the Simpsons (via Consequence of Sound).

The-decemberists on the simpsons

Do these 10 year olds actually know any of our songs?

The Decemberists will appear on the December 2nd episode of the Simpsons, in an episode called The Day The Earth Stood Cool. So it’s either about the band in town, or global warming. Or maybe both? The Simpsons, while well past their comedic prime (save for the pretty good movie), still manage to nail down great musical guests. Also appearing on the show will be Tom Waits. The show also recently featured Hot Chip’s And I Was A Boy From School. I don’t know about you guys, but WE WANT CHILLY WILLY!

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  1. 2012/08/29

    […] shows are past their hey day, but still manage to pull in amazing musical guests. The Simpsons just announced that The Decemberists and Tom Waits will be starring in episodes in the upcoming season. Not to be outdone, SNL announced […]