Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane Has a Big Band Album?!

I’ve always wondered what makes athletes or actors trying to launch a singing career, too. Is it ego? It is because they can? Who can say no to a famous millionaire? If anything, this trend did bring us the fabulous Bruno by Bruce Willis – truly amazing stuff.

The latest person to step behind the mic is the creator of Family Guy and American Dad – Seth MacFarlane. Will he rap, rock out, or go the country route? Well, if you read the headline, you will know it is none of the above. Seth is the singer of a new Big Band album, on his Music is Better Than Words album. Not only that, but he bagged Norah Jones to sing on the album, too! And he got to use Frank Sinatra’s microphone! How lucky is this guy?!

Check out an over-complimentary, borderline cringe-worthy album promo below, and wish that Seth focuses his energy on Family Guy. Seth would be great at weddings, though!

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  1. 2012/08/29

    […] Frank Ocean will star in the Seth MacFarlane-hosted September 15 show. Why didn’t they get Seth MacFarlane to sing?! Mumford & Sons will appear on September 22 on a Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosted show, while Muse […]