Morning Music Notes – The Facebook Collapse

It’s Official: Austin City Limits Will Be Two Weekends Long in 2013

There was an earlier motion that the Texas rock festival was going to try and expand to two weekends. And now, it’s happening – the Austin City Council voted unanimously on the expansion of Austin City Limits to two weekends (via Pitchfork). It’s true – everything is bigger in Texas. This year’s lame one weekend festival will take place October 12-14.

And The Worst Performing IPO In History is…..Facebook!

Remember when Facebook was offered on the public stock market, and everyone was going mental trying to figure out how rich the Zuck, Bono and other early investors would be? Well, their paper value a couple of months ago was a lot higher than it is today. The Initial Purchase Offer (IPO) started off at $38, and has now dropped 48%, closing at $19.87 a share, but with a mid-day low of $19.69 (via Slash Gear). To put it in dollar terms, Facebook is worth $40 billion less since the stocks became available to the public. Bloomberg notes that Facebook is now the “worst performer among all large IPOs on record.” This has nothing to do with the stupid Facebook timeline feature, right?

This is Creepy: We Know Your House Website Lets You Know Your Information Isn’t Private

The things some people post on their Facebook or Twitter page makes me wonder what they have instead of brains. Personal cell phone numbers, addresses – why not just leave a webcam stream of your house on YouTube? A website called We Know Your House is attempting to shed light on the information you transmit unwillingly. We Know Your House shows tweets from people when they’re posting at home, and goes that creepy step further and links those tweets to an actual street address, using Twitter’s geolocation data (via Tech Crunch).

How it works: the site uses Twitter’s Search API to gather the data, and pulls out the geolocation data from the tweets. The data is listed as longitude and latitude, which is then converted to street addresses. The website has recently had their Twitter account suspended, due to the publishing of private information. As creepy as this might sound, the creators are saying that they are trying to raise public awareness of private data. The addresses are censored on their website, but they are showing you that just about anyone can pull the same data. I know because I’ve been spying on you for months….

Watch! Michael Kiwanuka – Bones

Michael Kiwanuka is continuing to gain momentum – recording with the Black Keys didn’t hurt, I’m sure. The smooth, bluesy vocals of Michael is the star of his latest video, Bones. The laid back song has visuals of Michael travelling around, bringing his voice to a town near you. Make your ears happy and check it out below.

Michael Kiwanuka – Bones

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