Pulse News Reader Now on the Web – Check out PeteHatesMusic There, Too

Are you one of the 15 million people who use the Pulse mobile app? I use it daily to check out news from their ‘official’ sources, like ESPN, Gawker, Tech Crunch, and other websites (hilarious cat video sites are notably absent). Besides looking pretty and bringing the latest stories to the touch of your fingers, you can use Pulse to pull websites that aren’t on Pulse onto Pulse, since it lets you upload any websites that are on your RSS Reader. And now, Pulse finally has brought their mobile awesomeness to the Internet, and has a Pulse web-based reader (via Tech Crunch).

Pulse allows you to star stories to read later, as well as share them using various social platforms. If you jump around between your mobile phone and the web, your stories will always stay in sync with one another. Pulse teamed up with Microsoft and Pixel Label to bring the experience to the web, with Microsoft benefiting by demoing the web features of their new Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8. People still use Internet Explorer?

If you are tired of checking PeteHatesMusic.com all day to see when we’ve updated it (which is often, because we rock, right?), add our feed to your Google Reader by clicking the link or the orange RSS button above our banner, and then dump your RSS feed into Pulse. Magic! Check out a demo video of the new Pulse below, which definitely should’ve consulted with us for a better soundtrack.

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