It Took How Many Hours? Man Plays Super Mario Theme on the Piano – While Sitting Backwards

The piano is a bit of a tricky instrument to play. White keys AND black keys?! I don’t get it! Confusion aside, there is a lot going on, with one hand going crazy on one part of the piano, while the other hand is hopefully doing the same, with the desired result not having the audience mixing pills with alcohol. Meet Jason Lyle Black, who not only has mastered the piano, but can play it while sitting backwards, which just doesn’t seem fair. He played the one song that everyone knows – Amazing Grace the theme from Super Mario Brothers (via Geekologie).

Now how many dates did Jason have to cancel to practice this? Ha – dates. Jason hasn’t left his house in years! He even has a nickname – the Backwards Piano Man. I bet it took a long time to come up with that one. Harmful Playful insults aside, check out the amazing video below, and clear your calendar for the next fourteen years to try and replicate this “feat”.

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