Guy Who Wrote Wrestlers’ Intro Music is Suing the WWE

Do you remember that brilliant, excellent, fantastic blog series (that just happened to be written by PeteHatesMusic) that dealt with intro music for WWF wrestlers? Well, now we have a related news story – Papa Berg (who wins bonus points for having an awesome name) has brought forth a music-related lawsuit against the WWE (via Hollywood Reporter). Papa claims that he wrote the entrance music for many wrestlers, including Badstreet USA (used by the Fabulous Freebirds), as well as Man Called Sting, Simply Ravishing, The Natural, and Steineeized.

This all came about when video game makers THQ wanted to use Badstreet USA in a wrestling game. THQ made Berg an offer he couldn’t refuse but then wanted to confirm his ownership of the song. THQ then informed him that records showed the song was owned by WWD – the bastards! This makes me wonder why THQ contacted Berg in the first place if they discovered all of this by themselves.

Berg’s investigation into the matter has “revealed a systematic pattern of errors and omissions by WWE personnel that effectively misappropriated Papa’s musical works and deprived” him of royalties. Show him the money! It’s still cool to use that phrase, right? Wrong: it was never cool.

In case you don’t know Badstreet USA, check it out and add it to your ringtone right now.

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