Listen! PYYRAMIDS – That Ain’t Right

3 things to tell you about PYYRAMIDS:

1) They like CAPS LOCK
2) They don’t know what the red, squiggly line under their band name means in spell checking programs and websites.
3) They make some good songs.

PYYRAMIDS have an EP coming out on September 17 in the UK – it’s already out for those lucky Americans. It’s called Human Beings, so it’s about all of us, right? I don’t actually know the answer to that. The song featured here is That Ain’t Right, which features the gentle vocals of Drea Smith, culminating in the swirling chorus about heartbreak. The band also features Tim Nordwind from OK Go (he’s the bearded bassist you’ve seen in their countless viral videos).

If you like It Ain’t Right, check out the entire EP over on their SoundCloud page.

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