Tuesday Trivia – Week 30

This is Week 30 of the PeteHatesMusic Tuesday Trivia, and boy are we feeling over the hill. The premise is simple, we give you clues, you give us answers, and world peace ends up being a beautiful by-product. With each new clue, your excitement level rises, while the point value drops. Come give it a try (or else….).

If you’re looking for more exciting trivia, why not try MORE – check out previous editions of Tuesday Trivia? It’s more fun than watching Olympic gymnastics (only just).

Note: Our site theme won’t let us put the page numbers exactly where we want. So, all the clues are on one page, with the answer on Page 2. So scroll down slowly for each clue, and do your best not to peek at upcoming answers.

Clue Number 1 (Correct answer worth 6 points)

I’m from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada (which is by Niagara Falls, for those who don’t know geography)

(write down or remember your answer, as it will be revealed on the next page)

Clue Number 2 (Correct answer now worth 5 points)

My first album was released in 2004, but I used to sing in another Canadian band both before and after my first release. I have released three solo albums.

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Clue Number 3 (Correct answer now worth 4 points)

Despite writing melodic and primarily sad, acoustic songs, my physical appearance is more of a punk rocker, with tattoos featured prominately on my body (apologies for the stereotyping)

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Clue Number 4 (Correct answer now worth 3 points)

I collaborated with Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip on the hit single, Sleeping Sickness, from my second album, Bring Me Your Love

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Clue Number 5 (Correct answer now worth 2 points)

My band name is inspired by my real name, which is Dallas Green

(final clue is below – keep scrolling)

Clue Number 6 – Audio Clue (Correct answer now worth 1 point)

Here is a song from my second album, Bring Me Your Love, called The Girl.

The Girl – Mystery band

[youtube bZqnqH9s1jk 35 125]


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