A Tetris Alarm Clock: Wake Up to the Sights and Sounds of Tetris

I’m humming that infectious Tetris theme song as I write this post. Featured in this post is an officially licensed Tetris alarm clock. You’re probably wondering “Who the hell plays Tetris these days” or “Who likes Tetris SO much that they want an alarm clock”? Both very valid questions, and if I had no answers, you wouldn’t have a post. First of all, the time of your alarm clock is built from falling Tetris blocks. It is quite mesmerizing – check out the video, and note what happens when the clock goes from :09 to :10.

Not only do we have a cool looking clock, but we have a cool sounding clock. The alarm clock plays the Tetris theme song (via Technabob). The problem is the theme won’t force you to get out of bed – it’ll warp your dreams into solving puzzles by manipulating squares and lines. Buy the alarm clock for £25 / $40 from MenKind.

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