Peer to Peer File Sharing Estimated to Account for Only 25 Percent of Piracy

Have you seen The Dark Knight Rises yet? Did you download it? Be honest (but don’t post incriminating evidence on this site). Well, you might get all of your illegal music and movies online, but would you believe that an estimated 70% of piracy occurs offline? You’d better not argue with FACTS
(via Digital Music News).

A presentation slide from the RIAA was leaked (of course it was) to Torrentfreak, with research done by the NPD Group. Most file swapping actually occurs by people swapping hard drives and by burning files from others’ computers. What is this, 2002?!

So we have just over 70% of file trading from hard drive or DVD burning. What about the famed peer to peer (P2P) file sharing?This actually amounts for “only” about 23 percent of illegal acquisition. I suppose this is higher than the 0 percent that existed before the Internet, but it is definitely lower than I would’ve guessed.

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