An iPhone Cover for People Who Don’t Like Seeing Their iPhone

Is it practical? “It” is an iPhone case that covers your phone entirely, bringing to mind a mask that Hannibal Lecter or Slipknot might wear. Or something out of the S&M scenes that go on in your bedroom (yup, I went there). The Gadi iPhone cover, by Seventy Eight Percent, covers most of your iPhone screen, allowing you to answer the phone, but not see who is calling. WHAT KIND OF ARCHIAC WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN?! You are also unable to touch the touchscreen. All this and more for $110.

Gadi case (via

The design is based on Ned Kelley, the Irish-Australian bush ranger, who wore metal headgear with a slit for just his eyes…back in the 1880s, when we didn’t have smart or even dumb phones. Seems like a logical way to pay homage to him. The material is Italian leather, and each case is custom made. Hopefully the designers aren’t forced to wear Ned Kelley masks. I’d call them and ask, but I can’t see my damn screen!

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