Watch Jerry Seinfeld’s New Web Series (with Larry David)

You might be wondering what comedian Jerry Seinfeld has been up to lately. Now that the sort of terrible show, the Marriage Ref, has been cancelled, the ruler of the 90s sitcom might want something else to do. Well, besides roll around in his millions of dollars. It seems Jerry has found that next thing – he has started a web-based comedy called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. If you are not sure what the show is about, the title describes every last detail.

Episode 1 has kicked off, and it starts the quirky Seinfeld co-creator Larry David driving around with Jerry, stopping for coffee (well, tea in his case) and chatting about nothing. These two guys can have the most fascinating and interesting conversations about nothing, as fans of either Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm should know. Perhaps surprisingly is the artistic filming and editing going on, with the coffee pouring, the shots of the car, and the angled shots. The show is released on Crackle, which is Sony’s YouTube equivalent. Check out the mostly-excellent Episode 1, and stay tuned for Episode 2 on August 2. Apologies for the auto-start for the video.

From Crackle: Larry Eats A Pancake

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