Tuesday Trivia – Week 28

This is Week 28 of the PeteHatesMusic Tuesday Trivia – and you didn’t think we’d make it past Week 1. The premise is simple, email me your bank account information to begin (note: if you believe this, you will do TERRIBLE at the trivia). Clues are given one at a time, and with each clue you use, the value of the points for the correct answer decreases (like your bank account if you email me your information).Let’s do it!

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Note: Our site theme won’t let us put the page numbers exactly where we want. So, all the clues are on one page, with the answer on Page 2. So scroll down slowly for each clue, and do your best not to peek at upcoming answers.

Clue Number 1 (Correct answer worth 6 points)

We are a 5 piece band from Albuquerque, New Mexico, currently based out of Portland, Oregon

(write down or remember your answer, as it will be revealed on the next page)

Clue Number 2 (Correct answer now worth 5 points)
We formed in 1996, and were primarily a side project for our lead singer. We released our debut album in 2001, and have released 3 subsequent albums, including 1 this year

(keep reading for more clues)

Clue Number 3 (Correct answer now worth 4 points)

Our band name is a part of the human body

(stroll down if you need another clue)

Clue Number 4 (Correct answer now worth 3 points)

We found success when several of our tracks were featured in the 2004 film, Garden State, starring (the love of my life) Natalie Portman and the love of my life Zach Braff

(more clues below)

Clue Number 5 (Correct answer now worth 2 points)

Our singer, James Mercer, took a hiatus from our band to form Broken Bells with Danger Mouse

(final clue is below – keep scrolling)

Clue Number 6 – Audio Clue (Correct answer now worth 1 point)

Here is one of our singles, Caring is Creepy

Caring is Creepy – Mystery band
[youtube 8hhxthxhwk0 35 125]


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