Friday Afternoon Funnies: Let’s Get Drunk and Sing Kiss from a Rose to Our Cat!

When I drink a lot, I talk loud, make generally bad decisions (although BRILLIANT at the time), and sing – a lot. I’m not the only one – just ask the RCMP officer who was serenaded by the drunk singing Bohemian Rhapsody. We have something along those lines, although a little less genuine looking and a lot more pathetic. We have a man who got drunk, suspiciously recorded himself singing…Seal’s Kiss from a Rose…..(and yes it gets worse) – to his cat.

My first observation is that this guy knows WAY too many lyrics to the song. I still sing the song as “blah blah blah blah KISS FROM A ROSE” (note: I don’t often sing this song, but when I do, it’s like that). My second thought is “poor cat”! I totally see this guy getting drunk on a weekly (nightly?) basis and his cat being subjected to karaoke versions of dated songs, sung very loudly, all while trying to get away from the singer. As a hilarious comment noted, the cat is probably thinking “fuck, not AGAIN!”

Check out what I definitely don’t act like when drunk, in this week’s installation of we’re going to change the name soon, right? Friday Afternoon Funnies. As a bonus for Community lovers, I often think of the Jeff Winger / Dean Pelton karaoke version of Kiss from a Rose when I hear the song, and this time was no different. If you haven’t seen it, check it out below (for those that don’t watch the show, the bald Dean has a crush on Jeff, and Jeff is forced to hang out with the Dean).

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