PeteHatesMusic Turns 1, Still Needs Diapers

A lot has happened in the past 365 days. Amy Winehouse suddenly died (well, her and millions of others). The Stone Roses are playing music together again. Coachella is now 2 weekends long. Tom Gabel from Against Me! wants to be a woman. And this (poor excuse for a website) covered it all.

One year ago, PeteHatesMusic was officially launched. Without any initial format to what we wanted to do, we started provided Morning Music Notes every weekday to kick start your day. We added Weekend Music and Sunday Morning Coming Down, for Rich to exorcise his demons and provide you with typically non-mainstream songs you just have to hear. We (usually) give you the awfully named but we’re too lazy to change it now Friday Afternoon Funnies. You can test your knowledge with our now long-running Tuesday Trivia series (no points for guessing what day it runs). We have a few more ideas we’re going to roll out in the next few months, too. We’re open to suggestions (no nudity…. okay – partial nudity permitted).

Peter Griffin Echoes the Thoughts of People Reading This Post

We’ve had some successes this past year. We’ve been featured in the Guardian’s Blog Jam music blog. We’ve also been cited on MTV Brazil and by Jian Ghomesi on CBC Radio. We’ve landed interviews with award winning bands such as Wintersleep, Great Lake Swimmers, and the Jezabels, and up and coming acts like Zulu Winter, Fixers, Finn Bonel, and Anchorsong. We’ve graciously been given press passes to numerous gigs, and some festivals including the Camden Crawl, and the now-underway RBC Ottawa Bluesfest.

Because of this blog, my knowledge of bands and new music (which I already thought was pretty big – like my ego apparently) has grown larger than I thought possible. Bands and artists have reached out to me over email, sharing their music with me. I’ve learned how little I knew about the music industry a year ago, and how much more I need to know to bring me close to anywhere up to speed with anyone of credibility. I’ve learned the PHM blog is but a spec in the massively large blog universe, but we get bigger and bigger every month (thanks, spambots!). I’ve also learned there are a heck of a lot of iPhone cases on the market, and that a lot of people have too much time on their hands (see: people making music with old computer hard drives).

I’d like to thank everyone who has shared PHM with their friends, who has Liked us on Facebook, followed us on Twitter, retweeted us, or spoken ill about us when drunk and belligerent (which I assume is the majority of people). Wish us luck as we grow in the next year, and have Radiohead self-releasing their new triple album exclusively through PHM. Aim high – the worst you can do is miss (….and spiral into a great depression).

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  1. Jason says:

    Congrats Pete! Who’s Radiohead?