Listen! Muse – Survival

We already told you here at PHM about UK rock band Muse‘s upcoming new album, The 2nd Law (out in September), and shown you the kick-ass trailer the band released for it.

Muse has now released the new single, Survival, and also revealed it has been chosen as the official song of the London 2012 Olympics. If you watch the Olympics this summer, you will hear it a lot. It’s going to be used as the theme for all international TV coverage and be played when athletes enter the stadium and in the lead up to medal ceremonies (via So basically, you’ll be sick of it by mid-August. So have a listen now while it’s still fresh.

And fresh it is, this song sounds awesome and is going to absolutely kill live. It starts off with a bunch of beautiful-sounding strings, then begins to sound a bit like Queen before EXPLODING to the finish line. Muse fans will not be disappointed. Please, don’t rock out too hard.

Muse – Survival

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