New Denim Jeans With Custom iPhone Pocket

Hey, is that an iPhone in your pocket? or are you just happy to see me? That is the tough question people wearing the new jeans by Alphyn Industries may face. We’ve already seen the bra that doubles as a cellphone holder. Apparently feeling the lower half of the body was being left out, Alphyn has invented a new pair of jeans with a special transparent pocket designed to let you operate your iPhone without ever having to remove it from the pocket (via NOTE: You may want to take it out before you wash the jeans though.

The jeans have been given the bad-ass name DELTA415 Wearcom Jeans. This is marketing genius as it’s obviously designed to quell the fears potential buyers may have of looking like a ‘knob’ while wearing them. Don’t worry, there is a denim flap that can be zipped over your phone “so you only have to expose your device when necessary”. I would like to know at what point does exposing your device become ‘necessary’?

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