Watch! Yeasayer – Longevity

Brooklyn group Yeasayer has a new album coming out August 21st called Fragrant World (I bet it smells terrific). It will be the band’s third. Previously, PeteHatesMusic let you listen to a new song called Henrietta off the album. Now a video or ‘vignette’ as the band likes to call it has surfaced for another new track, Longevity (via

Visually, I guess I would describe the video as a 3 minute long psychedelic trip. You get a nice dose of bright colours and it looks pretty cool. You can’t really make out what anything is until the video’s end when you can see…maybe a deer in the jungle? It’s hard to tell what it is. The song is cool sounding, parts of it have a real eastern sound. The string parts are awesome. Check this video out, it gives Joseph and his technicolour dreamcoat a real run for its money.

Yeasayer – Longevity

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