Watch! King Khan & The Shrines – Bite My Tongue

King Khan & The Shrines have made their first music video since 2009 (via It’s for the song Bite My Tongue (ouch!) that we let you Listen! to earlier in the year.

King Khan is always going to deliver a super-cool, original, over-the-top product, whether it’s one of his live shows or this here music video. In the clip for Bite My Tongue we see Khan’s superhero alter-ego, Super KK, emerge from a sewer filled with technicolour dream smoke. With help from his butler/sidekick, KK tours around causing trouble wherever he goes. It leads up to a showdown and picnic with Jesus, whose superpower is shooting wine from his eyeballs and bread from his hands. This guy would save a ton of money at communions! I would also just like to say, I will watch any music video that stars someone named “Rummelsnuff”. Check out the cool looking video for the jaunty Bite My Tongue:

King Khan and the Shrines – Bite My Tongue

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