Receive a Text Message When the Milk Goes Bad – How Futuristic!

For those who are paranoid about drinking milk past its expiration date, may I refer you to Jerry Seinfeld – “how do they know that is the exact day?!”. But for those who believe the expiration date is the be all, end all and want to ensure they are definitely drinking non-expired milk (read: me!), then check out the Milkmaid (which is the product name, not your illegitimate mother). The product is made by Quirky, who teamed up with General Electric, to make the high tech milk jug. The clear glass jug checks the pH balance of the milk and then sends you a text message to tell you it has spoiled. A text message! Can’t it just beep a few times?!

Another topic that Seinfeld discusses – “there’s nothing worse than thinking you have milk and not having any of it.” Well, the Milkmaid can help you in that department, too – the jug can send a text message when the jug is empty. That’s what we have eyeballs for! It would suck when it starts malfunctioning and sending text messages when it is actually full, and you have to invite the neighbourhood cats in to help drink all the milk (yup, stole that from Seinfeld).

This really is for the milk enthusiast – there is an iPhone app which can check the temperature of the milk, the amount of milk left, and if it is spoiled (like the owners of such a milk jug). Can we get some kind of meat thermometer that will text me when the internal temperature for the roast is spot on?

(via Digital Trends)

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