Morning Music Notes – The Darkness to Ruin Street Spirit

MoMA PS1 Announces Warm Up Line Up for This Summer

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) offshoot – MoMA PS1 – has announced its Warm Up 2012 line up, which aims to “continue its tradition of introducing audiences to the best in experimental live music, sound, performance, and DJs”. Pretty sure I’ve heard of some of your DJs before, like this Thom Yorke guy. Warm Up starts on Saturday July 7 and runs through Saturday September 8, culminating in a DJ set by Thom Yorke’s Atoms for Peace. Check out the MoMA PS1 website for full line up details and ticket details – they go on sale June 18 – but highlights include Atoms for Peace (Thom Yorke!), Jamie xx, Just Blaze, Rustie, Danny Brown, and so many more that I’m being lazy and making you do the rest of the legwork.

Bye Bye Hashbang – Twitter Aims to Increase Speed

Hashbang has always sounded like some drug-induced sex to me, but on Twitter it’s more of a #! (literally). Twitter aims to increase its speed by up to 5 times, and to do so, it is removing the hashbang (#!) URL (via Digital Trends).

“To improve the experience for everyone, we’ve been working to take back control of our front-end performance by moving the rendering to the server,” writes Dan Webb, Twitter’s engineering manager, in a company blog post. “This has allowed us to drop our initial page load times to 1/5th of what they were previously and reduce differences in performance across browsers.”

I understood about 1/5 of what Dan Webb said, but basically his message is “don’t do drugs.”

Yes, I Am Writing About The Darkness – New Album from the Darkness Due in August

The Darkness blasted out of nowhere to one-hit wonder madness that spawned one-album hit craziness and then the band simply fizzled out, perhaps running out of gimmicks. Well, they are back with their new release Hot Cakes, out on August 20 (via NME). The part of the story I find the most interesting is when the story is about me that The Darkness have included a studio version of a cover of Radiohead’s Street Spirit (Fade Out).

“We included the Radiohead cover because it has been a live favourite for many moons, and we wanted to release a definitive recording of our interpretation.”

It takes balls to cover such a beautiful and classic song. I’m willing to bet they ruin it – sorry, guys, I have no faith.

Watch! Andrew Bird – Eyeoneye

Here is another cool stoppimation stop motion animation music video. The video is Eyeoneye, from Andrew Bird’s Break It Yourself, and it appears to give Andrew Bird some kind of duck-like bill for his nose. It’s either art, lack of budget, or someone taking the Bird last name a little too literally. Check out the slick video below.

Andrew Bird – Eyeoneye

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