Morning Music Notes – Smartphones Made By Every Website Coming Soon

Mumford and Sons To Release New Album in September

While there is no official Twitter or online reference from the band, Consequence of Sound is reporting that Mumford and Sons announced their second album while playing the Pinkpop music festival in the Netherlands. Mumford and Sons’ first album was released back in 2009 and became a huge success, going from small club gigs to arena venues in North America, inspiring copycat hipster banjo players everywhere. Good news for those who like their live show or want to see them in the USA – it appears an announcement is happening today on their website. Now, who knows if “in the USA” actually means Canada, too, as everyone loves to lump the Canadians in with the Americans (and yes, it IS annoying), but stay tuned.

While chatting to 3FM, the band played a new song, Where Are You Now (obviously named after the lame social network). Check it out below.

Mumford and Sons – Where Are You Now (live at 3FM)

Facebook Going to Make a Smartphone? Will Any One Buy It?

Does Facebook need a freakin’ phone? It sounds ludicrous at first – there’s already an app dedicated to it, do I need an entire phone? Mark Zuckerberg might think so, as the rumours say yes, and they have apparently been grabbing former Apple talent to help with it (via Digital Trends). Currently, a large portion of Facebook users check Facebook from their mobile devices. The problem is Facebook doesn’t make money from these people – yet. It’s unclear whether a phone will be developed or whether an existing phone company will be bought out. With Facebook integrating games and online music streaming services like Spotify into their site, they will need a creative and perhaps exclusive way of integrating these features into the phone in order to win the smartphone battle. As long as you can Poke with the fun and Like incoming text messages and phone calls, then I’m all for it.

Elvis Presley’s Crypt Is Up For Auction

But Elvis isn’t dead, right? Elvis Presley’s original crypt – apparently he’s been through a few – is up for auction as part of auctioneer Darren Julien’s Music Icons event (via Hollywood Reporter). What does the lucky bidder get as part of this package? You get the crypt, the opening and closing of the vault for burial, a memorialization inscription and use of a chapel for a memorial service. It will look nice in your living room, trust those crazy voices in your head. Why the hell is this for sale, anyway?! Other normal items are for sale, such as the robe Amy Winehouse used in the Rehab video, shoes worn by his Airness Michael Jordan, and signed items by David Bowie, John Lennon, and Michael Jackson. So signatures from those 3, and a crypt from Elvis? One of these items is a little more exclusive.

David Gilmour and Wife Evacuated Home Because of World War II Bomb

Here is why you should be lazy and not undertake home renovations – you might find a WWII bomb under your house (via Spinner). And this didn’t just happen to anyone, it happened to Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, who has a few songs about war and bombs that I refrained from tying into some lame (read: typical PHM) headline. Gilmour and his wife had to leave their East Sussex home after a German pipe bomb from World War II was found. The Royal Navy bomb disposal team came in to remove the 150 centimetre bomb. Oddly, the bomb had Roger Waters signature on the side of it.

Watch! Antony and the Johnsons – Rise

Antony and the Johnsons have contributed a track, Rise, for the movie Coral Rekindling Venus. You can get the track by donating to the Australian Research Council Centre for Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, which is a pretty wordy foundation name. If you want to hear it, Consequence of Sound threw a donation to the Coral Reef cause (they have a bigger budget than PHM) and you can listen to it below. You can also check out a snippet of the film below.

Coral Rekindling Venus (featuring most of the Antony and the Johnsons – Rise song)

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