This is What Kanye West’s Theatre Looks Like at Cannes

Kanye West is in Cannes for the Cannes Film Festival, doing what he does best – making fondu being an over-the-top artist. He is debuting his Cruel Summer flick, which is a musical art project. He got New York Architecture firm OMA to help design his venue, and it’s mighty impressive (via Gizmodo). 7 screens, 17 feet by 17 feet, arranged at slightly obscure angles, yet looking natural and innovative. Check out some of the pics below, but head over to OMA for the complete package (and other cool projects). In case you missed Kanye’s last film, check out the film he did for Runaway back in 2010.

The Cruel Summer film was shot in Doha, Qatar last month, and stars Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Lebanese actress Razane Jammal and Palestinian actor Ali Suliman, with small parts for Kanye West himself, and Aziz Ansari (who I’m puzzled as to why he has a successful career).

Kanye West Cannes screening (all rights OMA and Philippe Ruault)

"My next venue will float in the sky"

kanye west cannes screening 2 (all rights OMA and Philippe Ruault)

Let's hope you don't have neck problems

Kanye west cannes screening 3 (all rights OMA and Philippe Ruault)

Those seats look pointy, not comfortable!

Kanye West – Runaway

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