Rock Band Cab 20 Goes on TV Show Shark Tank To Try and Get Money

Very innovative idea from rock band, Cab 20 – they went onto the American television show, Shark Tank, to try and drum up an investment in the band. For those unfamiliar with the show, a panel of 4 rich folks such as Mark Cuban (owner of NBA team Dallas Mavericks), listen to a variety of business pitches that are trying to secure some funding from one or all of the 4, in return for a stake in their idea. The show had a band on for the first time, in the form of Cab 20 (via Hypebot).

The band were seeking a $200,000 investment, which gave you 20% of their revenue minus publishing rights. This was a sticking point for some investors, as if the band makes it huge, those royalties could be worth tons in the future. There were some offers back and forth, and manager Tom Callahan was also on the show representing Cab 20 and doing their talks.

As noted on Hypebot, the episode was filmed back in October and has acted as great free publicity, as their website has gotten a lot more hits, and people in the industry have now contacted them. Brilliant idea to go on the show to begin with, and a real coup for getting the episode to air.

I won’t ruin the ending, but you can watch the 7-minute Shark Tank clip below, and check out the band and whether or not they took the final offer. Also, check out a song by Cab 20 called Stomp. As advertised, they have a bit of a (poor man’s) Black Keys thing going for them.

Cab 20 – Stomp

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